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Beauty Buzz: Iconic Designer Diane von Furstenberg Comes to Dallas for Fragrance Launch

Posted in Beauty Blast by SMUstyle on October 27, 2011

Clear your calendars on Tuesday, November 1 because iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg is coming to NorthPark Center. The creator of the classic wrap dress is launching her first fragrance titled Diane. The scent is distinct and feminine. It mixes violet, patchouli and frangipani flower.

Von Furstenberg is an inspiration to all women. Her brand has become worldwide since its start in the 70’s. The scent is described as mature yet polished and the tagline of the fragrance is “Be the woman you want to be.”

To meet the designing icon stop by Sephora on Tuesday and purchase her fragrance. She will be autographing bottles at the store from 2:30 – 4:30. If you can’t make the event head to Sephora’s website to purchase the perfume.

Caroline Foster


Beauty Blast: Hourglass Cosmetics New Lash Lacquer at Sephora

Posted in Beauty Blast by SMUstyle on October 20, 2011

What’s the easiest way to take your make-up from day to night? Drawing more attention to your eyes always does the trick. Now Hourglass Cosmetics perfected the final step for getting ready for a night on the town. Their new Film Noir Lash Lacquer is a revolutionary topcoat for mascara.

To use the product brush it on top of mascara for a look that makes lashes stand out. The formula adds shine to lashes while it also makes them super dark and lengthens. In short, this product makes your eyes stand out. The best part? The Lash Lacquer has a similar effect to false eyelashes but you don’t need to mess with any sticky eyelash glue or annoying falling falsies.

This Saturday the Hourglass team will be at the Sephora in the Galleria for a demonstration of the Lash Lacquer. If you visit the store from 12-6 pm you can get a free makeover by the Hourglass Cosmetics artists and receive a bonus gift.

For more information about the Venice, California beauty company Hourglass Cosmetics or to purchase Film Noir Lash Lacquer head to their website.

Caroline Foster


Beauty Blast: Fall’s Trendiest Nail Colors

Posted in Beauty Blast by SMUstyle on October 5, 2011

Now that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are at Starbucks and there’s a slight chill in the air it’s time to think fall. As far as nail polish goes this means its time to retire the neon shades and head for the dark moody colors that scream fall. Here are some of this fall’s hottest colors.

Although it may seem a little bizarre, dark green is a total trend this season. This forest color has been seen on some of the most savvy style editors. Shades of green can vary, if you’re nervous try a grey-green like Essie’s power clutch from their fall 2011 line. Your friends will be green with envy.

When the weather gets chillier, choose a darker shade. OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark has been a classic for years. The deep plum color appears black at some angles. It’s the perfect compliment to sweaters and boots.

No nail-polish trend list can be complete without the go-to Chanel colors of the season. This fall it’s a toss up between two stunning shades. The first is Peridot, a metallic greenish shade that looks different depending on the light. This color is an attention getter.

The next Chanel shade is called Graphite. This color makes all other metallic nail polishes pale in comparison. The combination of grey and charcoal sparkles looks almost 3D on nails. It’s the perfect compliment to any outfit.

With these fall colors in mind you are sure to nail the trend!

Caroline Foster

Beauty Blast: What’s the Buzz about Organic Beauty?

Posted in Beauty Blast by SMUstyle on September 29, 2011

As the number of organic beauty products hitting the shelves is constantly increasing I wanted to see what all the hype is about. So, I chatted with Brandie Gilliam,’s founder and editor-in-chief. She gave me the scoop about why it’s important to shop smart when it comes to beauty.

Gilliam started her journey with organic beauty ten years ago when she first heard about the Terrible Touch-Me-Nots often found in cosmetics and skin products. These ten harmful ingredients can cause effects as minor as a headache or as severe as cancer.

Once she learned that beauty and skin products are not well regulated she became interested in finding great products that are completely natural, and free from harmful ingredients.

“Just because it’s on a shelf doesn’t mean it’s good for you” Gilliam said.

So what exactly should a buyer look for when it comes to organic beauty products? According to Gilliam there are three main criteria for this. The first is that there are no harmful ingredients in the product. The second is that the products’ ingredients are all natural, rather than synthetic. Thus they must be naturally derived. Finally, the company should pay attention to where it sources its ingredients.

So with these criteria in mind, Gilliam set off to find the best of the best in organic beauty products. To do this she has tested tons of items, from eye shadow to hand lotion she’s tried it all.

These days finding great organic products is much easier than it was a decade ago. Back then the selection was small and the choices were slim- not to mention product packaging was just plain ugly. Now Gilliam finds organic beauty products everywhere from Sephora to Tom Thumb, and they are just as good, if not better than their synthetic counterparts.

The organic products Gilliam features on her blog are, “Trusted, true and genuine” she said. For her the decision to use the organic products is easy, “It just makes sense.”

As Gilliam has seen the organic beauty industry grow first hand, she hopes it continues to flourish. “I hope people will become more educated and won’t blindly use whatever products are on the shelf,” she said.

As beauty trends come and go, it seems this one is here to stay. According to Gilliam when it comes to organic beauty, “The sky’s the limit.”

For product reviews and all your organic beauty needs go to

Caroline Foster

Beauty Blast: Dallas Native Creates KeSari Beauty

Posted in Beauty Blast by SMUstyle on September 21, 2011

There’s a new Dallas-based beauty brand hitting the market, and this one is not like the others. KeSARI Beauty is inspired by India’s natural healing ingredients and traditions. The products are all formulated with many native Indian spices, flowers and fruit extracts. The line’s first complete product line, the Triphala Radiance Collection, is available now at

There are four products in the Triphala Radiance line. It includes a Pore Minimizing Indian Clay Masque with Triphala Radiance Complex, an Indian Oil Hair Serum with Triphala, a Triphala Radiance Firming Serum and a dark circle brightening cream with Triphala. The common ingredient in all of the products is Triphala, a remedy used to treat tired skin and hair.

Though she lives in Dallas now, the brand’s creative director, Richa Purohit, is from Kanpur, an Indian city that is rich in history. Purohit’s great grandfather made beauty and wellness products from local herbs, and ever since she has been on the beauty bandwagon. Purohit holds her family’s Indian traditions near to her heart. In Hindi the word KeSARI means saffron; this spices is often called “the spice of the Gods” in India.

Supporting a local beauty-buff while getting brighter skin? Now that’s an intelligent idea.

Caroline Foster

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