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Dine Dish: Katy Trail Ice House

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on October 26, 2011

It’s a beautiful weekend and you’ve got no plans, get on your bike, or put some use to those legs. Head about 2 1/2 miles down the Katy Trail and you’ll hit the Katy Trail Ice House. It will be no surprise to see the outside tables packed with people sipping on beers, enjoying their burger and cheering on their sports teams. Not only is the Ice House stocked with all types of drafts, spirits, and special house margaritas, their dining menu is almost as good. Feel like a burger along with that beer you just ordered? Don’t worry, the Ice House has got a 2x meat, 2x cheese, 2x jalapenos and 2x the chili burger called “Man vs Food” for those who feel the need for some serious chow. Their smaller bite include nachos, quesadillas, fries and many other tasty deals.

Based on the killer vibes of Ice House, I’m sure they would love to see SMU students in their best Halloween costumes this  weekend, so join the fun on Saturday to cheer on our Mustangs in the SMU vs. Tulsa game!

*Must be 21 to drink alcohol

McKenna Cottam,



Dine Dish: The Common Table

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on September 21, 2011

Photo Credit / McKenna Cottam

As the weather starts to cool down, sitting outside to enjoy a nice Saturday brunch is something that actually sounds appealing these days. Cruise on uptown to The Common Table before the Boulevard, or maybe to revive you on Sunday after a long day of  showing your SMU spirit. While your sitting under their giant red umbrellas, sipping on your Tropical Mimosa, the only thing making you the slightest bit upset would be picking what you want to eat! Are you feeling the BCT breakfast sandwich, maybe some southern comfort Chicken & Waffles? No doubt, any of The Common Table options will be satisfying to your taste buds. Open for lunch, dinner and brunch on Saturday and Sundays, this comfortable and tasty spot is the perfect place for everyone.

The Common Table is located at 2917 Fairmount St.

McKenna Cottam


Dine Dish: Nick and Sams

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on September 21, 2011

The mouthwatering experience of Nick & Sams began with a delicious calamari appetizer.  Then the waiter brought out a huge tray with ten different steaks on it and explained the preparation and flavor of each. I was satisfied with my steak, but couldn’t help but to dabble in the three large sides we ordered for the table. A slice of red velvet cake and a slice of chocolate cake was the perfect way to finish the meal. From the appetizer to the main course to the dessert, everything at Nick and Sam’s tasted amazing.

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Cake

Kayla Nadzam

Dine Dish: The Pearl Cup

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on September 5, 2011

Looking for a tasty jolt to get your day going? Head down Henderson to The Pearl Cup Espresso Bar to get your morning fix. This espresso bar has different sorts of coffees, drinks and teas to choose from, but they are known for their signature Pearl Cup Latte. Voted best latte by D Magazine, it is a secret blend of ingredients that only the owners know. Maybe it’s Vanilla? Chai? Dulce de Leche? Who knows! But it’s a kick in a cup worth trying.

Not only does Pearl Cup serve up delicious drinks, but they also have a small, but satisfying menu of yummy pastries and sweets worth munching on. Stop in and you’ll likely find customers chowing down on a Nutella Banana Panini (yum!) or a veggie breakfast wrap.

With delicious drinks and treats, this hot spot coffee shop is a darling little place to post up on a Sunday to relax, eat or maybe even do some studying.

Taste for yourself at 1900 Henderson Avenue or visit The Pearl Cup for more details. 

McKenna Cottam


Dine Dish: Bellini Fest at Patrizio Highland Park Village

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on July 8, 2011

It’s hot in Dallas and everyone loves frozen peach Bellinis, so we suggest beating the summer heat with a delicious peach schnapps and champagne mixture! Patrizio’s is offering $1 baby Bellinis during the month of July.

Dine Dish: Pinkberry Dallas Opening

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on November 12, 2009

pinkberryThe yogurt phenomenon continues in Dallas with the original virtuoso of them all, Pinkberry. From Orange Cup, to Gooeys, to Yogalicious to Menchie’s – it’s safe to say there is no frozen yogurt shortage in Dallas. Tonight Pinkberry opens the doors of its first shop in the Lone Star State, on the corner of Preston and Royal. Pinkberry reinvented the frozen treat and made all things yogurt trendy way back in 2005 with celeb healthy dessert devotees in Hollywood. What makes their yogurt so yummy? Pinkberry is made with premium nonfat, rBST hormone-free milk, using only Grade A fresh fruit that is cut daily in each store.
Experience Pinkberry tonight from 6 to 10 p.m. with a FREE small cup (w/toppings) of their signature swirly goodness.

Dine Dish: Red River Cupcakes

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on October 15, 2009

SMUstyleWhether you’re an OU fan or a UT fan, after one bite of a Sprinkles cupcake, you will definitely be a Sprinks fan!
Sprinkles gets into the game with Red River Shootout cupcakes. Support your favorite team with a tasty treat at the tailgate or at the victory after party! University of Texas goes sweet with classic vanilla topped with a candied longhorn and University of Oklahoma is delicious red velvet.
Hook ’em!

Sarah Bray

Dine Dish: Smoke at the Belmont Hotel

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on September 22, 2009
SMUStyle Dine Dish: Smoke

SMUStyle Dine Dish: Smoke

When was the last time (if ever) you ventured over to Oak Cliff? That’s what I thought, which is why you should make tracks to Smoke, chef/co-owner Tim Byres’ new grub stop at the Belmont Hotel. Because stepping outside the SMU bubble always does a body good. Especially when it involves comfort food.

Imagine this equation: The Belmont’s retro vibe + old-fashioned cooking with hickory, oak, mesquite and pecan woods + a cold smokehouse, barbeque pit, and hardwood grill + all the BBQ you can imagine + lead designer Mike Thompson’s Texas-style decor.

What does this all equal? A great dining adventure — a reason to finally make that trip to Oak Cliff.

Head to 901 Fort Worth Avenue, Dallas, 75208 or call 214.393.4141 for details.

Christina Geyer

Dine Dish: Tasti D-Lite Paletas

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on September 16, 2009
SMUStyle Dine Dish: Tasti D-Lite

SMUStyle Dine Dish: Tasti D-Lite

What is a Paleta you ask? Close your eyes. You’re years younger, sitting on the porch at your Newport Beach summer house — not a care in the world. Your mom hands you a homemade Popsicle.

Now pause and come back to earth. We’re in Dallas, it’s been raining for what feels like months. Is that the sun peeping through the clouds? Nope. But it is one of Tasti D-Lite owner Lydia Ludwig’s new Popsicles. Enter Paleta. The gourmet frozen treats are giving fro-yo a run for its money. At 50 calories a pop and made in-store with all natural ingredients, I’m prone to sinking my teeth into one of these babies.

Flavors include: Watermelon lime, blueberry lavendar, mint lemonade, hibiscus cherry, pineapple chili, spicy cucumber cantaloupe, and blood orange.

Did I mention they cost a cool $1 to $2.25? Yep. Take that fro yo!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tasti D-Lite is located on Hillcrest at Snider Plaza, 6601 Hillcrest Avenue. Just close enough to walk while on a break from class.

Christina Geyer

Dine Dish: Cibus Cocktail Class at NorthPark Center

Posted in Dine Dish by SMUstyle on September 15, 2009
SMUStyle Dine Dish: Cibus Cocktail Class

SMUStyle Dine Dish: Cibus Cocktail Class

Consider this a bit of dine dish for those of you who are ahem, of legal drinking age. Ristorante Cibus Caffe by Lombardi is hosting a cocktail class Thursday, September 17 at NorthPark Center. See the invite for more details. We’re thinking the Belvedere-infused-vodka cocktails will be a perfect ending to your busy week. Not 21? Not to worry, Cibus has a great selection of appetizing menu items. We’ll opt for the pizza alla diavola. See you with a sip! …Or a mouthful of carpaccio!

Christina Geyer

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