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Beauty Blast: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

Posted in Beauty Blast by SMUstyle on November 30, 2010

With finals coming up, late-nights of studying and/or early mornings are standard, and what comes with lack of sleep are puffy eyes. But, no worries, Kiehl’s has come out with a product to erase puffy under-eyes. The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer ($18.50) is a light, cooling de-puffing eye stick that has ingredients of arctic root and caffeine to reduce puffiness and refresh and awaken your tired eyes. I like to call it “Caffeine for the Eyes” and can testify that this is a great fix to late-nights of studying.

Kiehl’s Store
80 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX 75205-2733
(214) 559-0700

Darby Radcliff


Fashion Insider: Q&A with Erwin Creed

Posted in Fashion Insider by SMUstyle on November 30, 2010

Erwin Creed

I caught up with Erwin Creed via e-mail learning insider beauty advice from the seventh generation perfumer and future head of the fragrance powerhouse CREED.

CREED is the largest luxury line of fragrances and is celebrating its 250th anniversary, having handed down a family tradition of fragrance in an unbroken line since 1760. CREED scents have graced the wrists and necks of icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn – need I say more?

Lisa Collins: Best way to select a signature scent?
Erwin Creed: Selecting a fragrance is like selecting art — It’s easy because you know what you like. CREED is a world in itself in which you can escape and find something you love…Whether you like the scent of spice, citrus, or an armful of flowers, CREED is happy to serve you as we’ve served royalty, statesmen, world famous athletes and musicians, and leaders in every field for two and a half centuries.

LC: As a 7th generation perfumer you must have grown up surrounded by fabulous scents. What are you favorite “scent memories” from when you were growing up?
EC: I started to accompany my father to our fragrance workshop, which is in the French countryside, at the age of eight. He taught me the thousands of components of fragrance, as his father taught him and going back seven generations. I created a fragrance at the age of eight, but it was not offered to the public, of course! I’ve learned a lot in 21 years. Everything in my life has prepared me for my role as a perfumer. As a child, when dinner was being prepared in our house, I tried to guess the meal by the aroma wafting out of the kitchen. Today, a favorite scents that I call to mind is the smell of chestnuts roasting in the wintry air of Klosters in Switzerland.

LC: Did you always know you would join the family business?
EC: I actually thought about becoming a clothing designer, and I studied that for a time…Ultimately, nothing offers the opportunity for expression that creating fragrance does. A beautiful fragrance can take you far, far away, the way a song or painting can. Fragrance can change the way you feel. Fragrance can make you feel more attractive, like well-made fashion does. Fragrance is limited only by the imagination, and imagination is vast.

LC: What training did you undertake to develop your “nose” — what’s required to become a master perfumer?
EC: As I mentioned, I began accompanying my father to the fragrance workshop as a child. That is our family’s way of passing along the important knowledge of fragrance and its components. There are thousands of exotic and rare components, and the study requires years. Beyond that, it is important to learn the methods of making fragrance by hand as we have done at CREED since 1760. My father and I create all the authentic CREED fragrances that are in the world today, with a staff of just 35 people. So it is important to know every aspect of it myself, including traveling around the world to select the best ingredients. We buy the best and most fragrant sandalwood from Mysore, India, the City of Palaces, which cannot be reached by airplane — It is very remote. Some people ask, why not use cheaper sandalwood from Australia? But that is not our way. We seek only the best for our clients, regardless of cost.

LC: Creed has such a beautiful array of scents. How do you go about finding, sourcing, and combining the ingredients?
EC: My primary job, currently, is to travel the world to meet the growers, cultivators and farmers worldwide who have the best flowers, spices, fruit and other ingredients for our fragrances…It is important to know each plant or flower very well and to be able to say which is best… You may be surprised that much of a perfumer’s work is physical, including weighing, blending, carrying and bottling ingredients.

LC: What is the most unusual or rare ingredient in your perfumes?
EC: Our fragrance Love In White contains rice husk from Java. I do not know of another fragrance that uses this exotic ingredient, and that may be why it is so popular. CREED Himalaya includes a pinch of gunpowder.

LC: How close should you have to be to someone in order to be able to smell their perfume?
EC: In conversation with another person, you should be able to detect a trace of the fragrance they wear, and perhaps then you’ll draw closer. You do not want your fragrance to announce you, to arrive before you or speak for you. Fragrance enhances the person you already are, adding mystery, an element of attraction, depth, charm, romance. Even as it enhances you, you may feel transformed by it.

LC: What is your favorite scent for a woman to wear?
EC: My favorite fragrance is her favorite fragrance. I hope she wears the fragrance that makes her feel more beautiful and that she can do and be anything.

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Shop Savvy: Stylish School Supplies

Posted in Shop Savvy by SMUstyle on November 30, 2010

Finals are just days away and there is no better time to get the semester’s notes organized like the present.

In preparation for your last exams of 2010, why not file away your hard work in a chic binder? Staring at stylish school supplies verses boring books is far more enticing at 3 am in Fondren anyways, and at $4.50 a pop these Target binders will undoubtedly help you achieve an A+.

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Fête Set: Retail Club Holiday Party at Kate Spade

Posted in Fête Set by SMUstyle on November 29, 2010

Fête Set: Creed perfumer comes to Dallas

Posted in Fête Set by SMUstyle on November 29, 2010

On November 13 I had the privilege to attend an exclusive meet-and-greet with Erwin Creed, the head designer of the Creed perfume house. When Creed entered the room, everyone applauded in his honor and as he made his rounds around the room greeting everyone, we got to say our thanks for creating such beautiful smelling perfume scents that leave a man or women feeling confident because of the incredible scent they have on. At the event, stylish attendees got to sip on mint water and champagne, while they enjoyed testing out the different scents of Creed. A favorite among the party-goers was the Virgin Island Water scent, which reminded everyone of a relaxing day on a Caribbean island.

On the left is the Nadia Dabbakeh, the associate editor for and on the right is Abby Gregory, fashion and shopping writer for NBC DFW.
SMU Style blogger, Alex Bjornnes, enjoying the amazing scents at the Creed event.

Darby Radcliff

Shop Savvy: Amber Venz Holiday Collection

Posted in Shop Savvy by SMUstyle on November 29, 2010

If you’ve been around SMU or Dallas for a while, you’ll know that Amber Venz (‘08 alum) is well known for her beautiful, ultra-girly designs. The Almost Famous and the Amber Venz collections were picturesque of a southern debutant.

Have you checked out her newest collection? Age has done this designer well. Her recent creations have evolved along with her style, which she describes as “much more casual, darker and a bit bohemian chic.” The new pieces are one-of-a-kind, fashioned from mixed metals and designed to be layered.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

This Indian-inspired pave ring, ‘Bubbles’, is an absolute showstopper. Face him outwards to draw the attention of any conversation.

The ‘Jane Harness’ is one of Amber’s most innovative pieces. Correction, she is a genius. It is oogled by famous blogger, Jane Aldridge, and can be found in the Stanley Korshak holiday catalog. Want more juice on the making of the harness? Read about it in this FD Luxe article.

Trying to spend savvy? The Amber Venz Key Chain is the perfect way for you to get a piece of the line, without killing your budget! Gold coins are one of Amber’s signature looks and the detailing is subtle, yet chic. What a great way to say, “I Wear Amber Venz” everyday.

Come see more of Amber’s unique pieces this Saturday at TheDallasFlea at the Southside of Lamar from 9 am to 4 pm . Can’t make it? Visit her newly relaunched website, or for her style advice!

Grace Davis

Shop Savvy: Black Friday at Neiman Marcus

Posted in Shop Savvy by SMUstyle on November 24, 2010

The most stylish of Black Friday “doorbusters” is going on at Neiman Marcus. Don’t miss this great deal on Friday, November 26 at all Neiman Marcus locations.

Spotted: Senior Kyle Spencer

Posted in Spotted by SMUstyle on November 17, 2010

Spotted: SMU senior Kyle Spencer

SMU senior Kyle Spencer spotted looking chic in a Burberry scarf, Massimo Watch from Target and American Apparel glasses.

Sarah Bray, SMUStyle co-founder

Fête Set: What Goes Around Comes Around Trunk Show

Posted in Fête Set by SMUstyle on November 17, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around Trunk Show

Love vintage? What Goes Around Come Around is one of the fashion world’s most fabulous vintage collections — so you can only imagine my excitement when I heard that the trunk show was coming to Dallas! Last Wednesday, I attended this trendy event to check out the assortment of vintage clothes, handbags and jewelry. I had the privilege of meeting and talking with WGACA representative Jennifer McClain, who explained the history of the store.

For a bit of background: WGACA was co-founded by Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser about 20 years ago, when the pair began collecting high-end vintage hand-picked from all over the world. Pretty soon an archive opened in New Jersey that began featuring exclusive pieces in New York City and Los Angeles stores. Maione and Weisser started their own personal vintage collection, representing a variety of decades, including men, women, and children’s clothing. WGACA’s star clientele includes Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson! Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Galliano are just a few of the many brands who source ideas from WGACA for their collections as well.

Vintage baubles at the WGACA trunk show

The first thing that immediately drew my attention? The amazing vintage Chanel purses in a range of styles including side strap, single strap, double strap and clutch purses. Vintage purses are my favorite because they aren’t the styles and colors you see everyday and each has its own uniqueness and history. The next items that caught my eye were the shiny vintage gold Chanel jewelry of which included statement-making bangles, chunky necklaces, clip-on earrings and bracelets.

After examining the unique pieces of vintage jewelry, I moved on to the chic clothes hanging on the racks. There were elegant cocktail dresses, trendy casual dresses, fur vests as well as coats, leather and much more. Some racks consisted of the actual WGACA collection, which was just as mod as the actual vintage pieces.

It’s amazing to see how trends recycle themselves as these vintage clothes, purses, and jewelry are definitely in style. Leather, sequins, and fur are in for fall and winter and the items I saw at the trunk show were consistent with these fashionable trends. Many of these items will be perfect to stay warm in considering the temperatures are already getting pretty chilly here!

The What Goes Around Comes Around Collection can be found at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Scoop and many other specialty stores worldwide. Also, there are many items on their Website that you should absolutely check out!

Mackenna Scripps

Fête Set: 944 Magazine and Ted Baker Party

Posted in Fête Set by SMUstyle on November 17, 2010

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